About Us

Publishing internationally since 2010


Print & Web Publications is a new kind of platform showcasing all print and online publications published by Europapropress Srl, an independent publishing company founded in 2016 in Bucharest, Romania.

Europapropress is the continuation of Europaproeditions Srl founded in 2010 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania by Kyriaki Balkoudi. Europapropress Srl is independently owned and operated and serves an international audience.

We produce a variety of publications about politics, finance, business, markets, properties, the fashion industry and more.


Buildpress newspaper: Our flagship monthly print title covers politics, economy, entrepreneurs, enterprises and markets.
24 pages, 260x370mm, full color.

Website: Buildpress.com.ro


WorldMarkets newspaper: Our monthly title covers financial markets, economy, stock markets data, analysis, listed companies news, investments and more. 12 pages, 260x370mm, full color.

Website: WorldMarketsDaily.com


Real Estate Magazine: A print and online publication covering real estate, construction & related industries. News, trends, finance, investments, regulations, data, analysis & opinion.

Website: Realestatemagazine.com.ro


A new international online platform for real estate, automobiles, business opportunities, careers, professional services and more than other 25 categories.

Website: https://classifieds.investopress.com

We also publish Special Editions on a variety of subjects (including: Stock Exchanges, Insurance) and Annual editions (business and city guides such as Brussels Public Administration).

Our aim is to expand our operation in more countries, publishing more titles in other languages.



Kyriaki Balkoudi